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"Can my brain learn
to avoid its
costliest error?"

If it lets the Yo!Dolphin!™
spiral values profile
show you an absolutely
effective new way
to “debug” your thinking!

Your Brain Keeps Making the Exact Same
Expensive, Self-Defeating Error Over and Over.
And This Negative Impact on Your Ability
to Get Important Results Is Much Too Excessive
for You to Ignore.
You Can Put the Brakes on
Your Brain’s Costly, Runaway Need for You
to Think There Is Only One Way to See the
World, and You Can Start Doing It
Right Now!!!

“Whoaa!” you say. “Maybe this happens to other people, but not me. I don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about.”

Okay. We can understand why you’d think that you are an exception to the rule. But we also know how good the brain is at fuzzing up this issue! So, would you mind if we do a fast check?

Simply click “yes” or “no” depending on whether you agree or disagree with each of the following:

Yes No

I recently decided not to talk to someone who wanted to talk to me because I already knew they couldn’t understand.

Yes No There are whole neighborhoods in the town or city where I live that I’ve never seen—and very possibly never will.
Yes No

When I spot someone with a tattoo, I automatically think certain things
about them.

Yes No

I do a lot of things based on whether I think people have too much money—or too little.

Yes No If you tell me you don’t believe in God, I can feel my mind make an adjustment.
Yes No

I think people get what they deserve—and some deserve a great deal more than they get.

Yes No

I’m pretty sure most people think their race, language, country, religion and family are more valuable to the world than most other peoples’.

Yes No I never really feel good about being a “good Samarian” because of my unease about the strangers I’ve stopped to help.
Yes No

A lot of people don’t realize that the passion they bring to their music, their art, their athletics, their job, their relationships—whatever turns them on—is capable of destroying them, and it often does.

That’s it! Thanks for participating!

Now we can tell you that how you responded to the above statements was not nearly as important as what you felt as you thought about how you would respond to each of them. Because, in most instances, you probably felt your brain urging you to agree or disagree with a statement because a deeper “truth” was involved!

That’s the part of your thinking process that so often results in your falling victim yet one more time to your brain’s most persistent, costly, potentially most self-defeating and widely damaging miscalculation!

And that is this:

Unless it has learned to think otherwise, your brain assumes that we humans—each and everyone of us—all come equipped with the same “one-size-fits-all” mind for sorting things out and making choices. Making a life. Making a career. Making a world. AND determining the right way to respond to questions! That is, determining the truth!


As a result, each of our brains tends to think that the way it sees the world is the only way the world can be seen.

As a result, each of our brains tends to think that the world it views is the only world available for viewing.

As a result, each of our brains tends to think that the world it sees is the truest one anyone can see!
This simply is not correct. The reality about your world-viewing is much, much different. And the need to do something fundamental and far-reaching with this discovery has never been more urgent—for you personally and for people everywhere.

We have a powerful new tool that offers you a solution. It’s called the Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey. Yo!Dolphin! is a remarkable online assessment profile that can correct the one-mind-fits-all fallacy for you once and for all. It does so by stripping the camouflage from this eons-old canard of brain subterfuge and confusion convincingly and permanently. And by providing you with valuable “next steps” in your personal growth process based on your new ability to see, respect and respond effectively to other kinds of minds—steps that are potentially life-changing! Steps like these:

Why Does Your Brain Keep Making the
One-Mind-Fits-All Mistake? Two Reasons:
(1) It Keeps Trying to ‘Average Out’
the Great, Bewildering Complexity that People
Find in the Universe So It Won’t Be
Overwhelmed by It. (2) It Keeps Trying
to Justify Its Values and Beliefs as the Only
Values and Beliefs Worth Believing In.
Once Our Experts Understood This, They Knew
What They Had to Do:
Find a Way to Show
Your Brain How and Why It Manufactures Its Own
Distinctive Mix of Complexity, Values and
. . . Along with All Other Brains!!

At Brain Technologies we decided years ago that the best theory we’d ever seen for understanding the brain’s one-mind-fits-all mistake was that of the late American psychologist, Dr. Clare W. Graves, creator of the spiral values developmental theory. Graves’ research led him to suggest that we humans “spiral” back and forth as our minds climb a developmental pathway leading to more and more complexity in our lives and thinking, in our valuing and believing.

The Graves Theory is not only good, it’s brilliant. Essentially, it says this: The kind of values your brain chooses for itself depends on how it is currently wired! But it doesn’t necessarily always stay wired that way.

In your lifetime, your brain may make fundamental shifts in the way it is wired several times. And each time it does, it may produce very different new values and beliefs. And when it starts using these new values and beliefs, the world will actually look very different to it. And, suddenly …

Well, suddenly, talking about Dr. Graves and his theory in just this way requires that we wade deeper and deeper into dense, complicated psychological and philosophical waters and life change language.

At Brain Technologies we realized that we couldn’t talk about Dr. Graves’ spiral values theory the way academics usually talk about it—not if we wanted it to have a wider impact. So our experts, Dudley Lynch, president of BTC, and his colleagues began to explore alternatives.

What if we kept the whole thing simple?

What if we start by talking about people whose view of the world causes them to use Carp-like values. Carp values users include millions upon millions of the people’s “ordinary people,” including many native peoples and all young children. They often make wonderful thoughts—and art, music, dance and food. But Carp thinking is sacrificial. And this makes its users vulnerable. Often, they end up as bait fish. They get eaten a lot.

By whom. By people who use Shark-like values. Who have to win. Who can be deadly. Who bloody the water a lot. Who bring the world a lot of energy and progress. But at a price.

And what happens to the Sharks when they get tired of being cannibalized in their own deadly games? Sometimes, their brains can rewire themselves into … Dolphin brains.

Not full-fledged Dolphins, not just yet. But “Junior” Dolphins, or First Dolphins, who go to work flushing the “Shark” from their thinking. They become very loving creatures. They want good things to happen everywhere, all the time. And they are often the reason when they do.

Some First Dolphins actually “heal” sufficiently to keep growing—to move to the next level, to become Prime Dolphins.

These are really, really different folks. Competent, innovative, swim-to-their-own-drummer kinds of values and belief makers. They are good at complicated tasks. They like technology—new technology. And they like solving problems—complex problems.

But then in today’s rapid-change, increasingly technologically sophisticated world, suddenly even the Prime Dolphin’s advanced thinking skills have not proved adequate. Not on an Earth under threat. Not with complexity and change exploding all around us. Not with our very existence as a civilization perhaps in peril.

In recent years, a new kind of Dolphin values and beliefs maker has materialized. The Deep See-Change Dolphin! A new kind of mind with hugely expectant values. One that  deeply fears for the future of our planet and our species—of all species—if we don’t start making superior new choices and putting superior new systems and methods in place to handle our basic needs on Earth. One ready to abandon and recast whole, great systems of human practices.

So when the Yo!Dolphin! scoring program tallies your questionnaire results, our computer program will instantly draw you an online profile of your values spiral preferences like the one below. You’ll immediately see how much of the Carp, Shark, First Dolphin, Prime Dolphin and Deep See-Change Dolphin worldviews your current thinking is reflecting.

This graphic is only the beginning of the information you will glean from this remarkable new “self insight tool” we are describing.

And even if you just act on the “conventional” things it will equip you to do, we are confident you will immediately see the value of your investment confirmed.

It may be that all you would ever want to do with your Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey results is get better at influencing people.

If you are a businessperson, you probably have names for getting better at persuading people to do what you want them to do. If you do it outside the company, you may call it “marketing.” If you do it inside the company, you may call it “motivation.” If you do it in a big way, you probably call it “leadership.”

And we have no objection whatever to your using our discoveries about the brain’s greatest persistent mistake and how to fix it to improve your business results. After all, better business results often make for a better world.

But please understand that there is much, much more “action potential” available to you in challenging the huge correctible mistake that causes the brain to act so much of the time like an out-of-touch, out-of-control egotist! And much, much more to gain in taking your worldviews and the worldviews of others with a whole new level of seriousness and competence by questioning the brain’s natural tendency to put its own self-serving labels, values and assumptions on everything around it!

But why do we keep mentioning “worldviews”? What’s so special and important about how you see the world?

Three crucial realities we hope you’ll never forget—

1 Anything your current worldview isn’t seeing can elevate the odds of your missing out on something vital and important in a time (like ours!) of rapid, constant change.
2 Any time your 'view comes up against a 'view that can outthink, out-innovate or outlast—that is, outmaneuver—it, you may find yourself and your most cherished values and beliefs in a difficult position.
3 At every turn in family, friendship, relationships, business, local politics and geopolitics, sports, religion, war, play, the neighborhood, the street and the social scene, your worldview is the most critical determiner of whether you are accepted or rejected. Effective or inept. Viable or at risk. Credible or discounted. Helped or hindered. Loved, tolerated or hated.

With our new Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey tool …

You get the most authentic “’view scan”profile available online, one that will leave no doubt as to how you really do see the world because of where you are on the values spiral.

Immediately online, you can click through page after page of clear, targeted instructions on how to use your current worldview (and its backups!) more productively and satisfyingly.

Within minutes, you are better equipped than almost anyone else in your personal circle to understand and deal with the new kind of world we are facing.

And, finally, as we have experienced personally in ourselves and witnessed in others, you quickly begin to see the powerful impact on your ability and intentions that will come from adapting a new worldview that is able to see more, think more, imagine more, believe anew and value much differently than any you have ever used before.

How do you change out your worldview or add to it? Willfully. You “will” it to happen. And then go to work on what you have willed to become.

Primarily then, Yo!Dolphin! is a “WillKit.” One that encourages your mind to evaluate the shortcomings of its current ‘view. Then, begins to orient your mind to the expansive, productive advantages of a more advanced one. The more you know about how you are and what you could be, the more you are equipped to become! If, that is, you will it!

A key component of the Yo!Dophin! “WillKit” are its powerful illuminating stories. First, Yo!Dolphin! narrates the detailed, all-encompassing “story” that you currently live by. Then, it introduces you to the next story up. This becomes an ever-present magnet that never ceases to tug your imagination and determination forward!

If this is an outcome that rings authentic and inviting to you, then this is our recommendation:

  1. Let the Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey test the kind of values your brain is currently “wired” to produce.
  2. Closely examine the profile report that the Yo!Dolphin! computer program will immediately produce on your primary and backup worldviews and their values.
  3. Consider how much better equipped your mind is going to be as it seeks the results it needs, now that it knows so much more about the worlds other people’s brains are capable of responding to.
  4. Then take a little time to decide what has changed, what still needs to change and what is probably not going to change.
  5. After that, begin your advance toward a new level of personal satisfaction, productivity, meaning and being, reveling every step of the way in your greatly expanded new general knowledge, self-knowledge and personal thinking capabilities on the values spiral!

The Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey will serve as
an unmatchable source of new confidence
that you can add value and bring sustainability
to the world-at-large!
It stems from anti-stuck,
anti-status-quo thinking qualities never before
available to you.

While there is no magic method for removing the harmful effects of the one-mind-fits-all fallacy in other brains around you, the fact that your own brain is no longer in thrall to it can add up to an extraordinary advantage for you and those you help lead, manage, influence, mentor or mold.

But don’t take our word for it. Let one of our satisfied Yo!Dolphin! users share his reaction to Yo!Dolphin!:

Unlike most other profiles I have taken over the years, Yo!Dolphin! isn’t a feel-good-about-yourself thing. It's a disciplined strategy guide to see, think, do, believe and value strategically where you want to be.

It's jam-packed with powerful narratives and revealing insights to keep you from running head-long into the same old thinking.

Because of my Yo!Dolphin! report, I now understand that developing and sustaining a future-oriented, change-ready mind is the ongoing work of a personal lifetime. And, importantly, that it requires leaping high so I’ll have a superior view of what's really lurking out there.

For me, the powerful Yo!Dolphin! report now essentially serves as my personal navigational guide to the future.

Many, many thanks!

Lee Say Keng
Knowledge Adventurer & Technology Explorer
Optimum Performance Technologies

We predict this: if you open yourself to the Yo!Dolphin!’s right-on-the-money analysis and nail-on-the-head prescriptions for planning your personal growth, it will instantly become a basic interpretive reference source for nearly all your daily pursuits.

And in the years ahead it will remain a rich, explanatory, opportunities-creating thinking skills developmental tool for you in all important areas of your attention-focusing, information-interpreting and choice-making! In fact, we feel so strongly that this will be the case that we’ll guarantee it!

Our “What You Get Is
What We Promised” Guarantee!

Guarantees, of course, are intended to reduce your investment risk, and we’re happy to do that. But the real risk is not that you’ll try Yo!Dolphin! and find it wanting. The big risk is that you will have gotten this close to ending the iron grip that the one-mind-fits-all fallacy has on your brain and failed to take action! It’s a risk we want to do everything we can to help you avoid. So, this is our guarantee ... If you are not completely satisfied with your Yo!Dolphin! report, simply send us an e-mail anytime within 30 days of taking the Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey and ask tell us why you don’t think we’ve lived up to our promises. You’ll get a full refund of your moneys, no questions asked.

So How Much, Folks?

It’s time to embark on one of the truly great discovery experiences in your quest to explore and equip your personal potential to its fullest! The complete Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey puts in your hands one of the most powerful mind-expanding and mind-shifting tools ever offered online! Only moments from now, you can be taking Yo!Dolphin!’s quick-response questionnaire (it takes but a few minutes to complete). You’ll immediately receive your full Yo!Dolphin! report for viewing online. (Also, you can print out a hard copy at any time during the next 12 months!*) All this for only


The price for most personal assessments is
typically two to ten times (or more) the price of
the Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey.
And you can't lose with our 100%, Ironclad,
30-Day Complete Money-Back Guarantee!

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