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On Black Swan Wings: My Copy of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Book Got Me a Free Upgrade on a Flight from Tampa to Chicago

I’ve probably shared this universal “rule of thumb” with my readers more than once: The world is divided into people who divide the world into twos and those who don’t.
And now there’s this one: The world is divided into people who know what a “black swan event” is and those who are clueless. Judged by [...]

Maybe Science Fiction Is Dying, But If So, The ER Is As Crowded and Raucous As That Cantina In Star Wars

I’ve had a lifelong patchiness in my relationship to science fiction. In the up part of the cycle, I devour it and read—or watch—little else. Once I discovered Frank Herbert’s Dune saga novels, with their giant, spice-protecting sandworms in the deserts of Arrakis and all else, I had to read them all, and did so [...]