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Philosophers Aren’t a Modest Bunch: They Argue That Few of Us Would Know Much About Anything If Philosophy Didn’t Know Something About Something

During grad school days in Austin, the wife and I befriended a young philosopher and his wife. He was an expert at a tender age in phenomenology, specifically the ideas of the modern-day French savant, Paul Ricoeur.
Today, you can learn much more about phenomenology than I could tell you by checking with Encyclopædia Britannica. EB [...]

John Muir Would Have Said It Differently, But I Think He’d Agree Were He Alive Today: I’d Rather Take My Cues from the Amazing Workings of DNA, the Latest Cosmological Discoveries or Insights on How the Brain Functions Than on the Most Brilliantly and Beautifully Inventive Suppositions About How to Get the Most Good from Who I Am

When I bump up against excessive ideological zeal, particular among theorists purporting to tell me how they want to change me to better fit their special vision of how the world ought to work, I once again take solace and insight from naturalist John Muir’s experience with Ralph Waldo Emerson.
In May, 1871, Emerson came west [...]