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The Indefatigable “Strategy of the Dolphin™” Just Keeps on Giving. Its Forte: Helping the Whole Exceed the Parts

The healthy human brain is no dummy. By the time it reaches adulthood, it knows a lot about what works and what doesn’t work. Where it gets in trouble is when things that it thought worked no longer do so, at least not well enough.
When that brain was much younger and in the body of [...]

We Don’t Yet Have the Kind of Brain that Can Take the Idea of Colonizing Space Seriously. But Stephen Hawking Seems to Be Saying that We Need to Get One

I think I can understand why Stephen Hawking would be perfervidly attracted to the idea of space travel. He’s scheduled to get a smidgen of what it could be like on April 26. Zero Gravity Corporation is giving him a gratis ride above Cape Canaveral on its “vomit comet.” This is a Boeing 727-200 that [...]

Playing Deja Vu and Dat You On the Issue of Who’s Nukes Are Holier Than Who’s

Our long-time friend and colleague Paul Kordis of Fort Collins, CO, has forwarded a letter he’s just sent to Time Magazine. While I have a little different “take” on a point or two, I think he’s pointed out anew most effectively the emperior’s nakedness!
Dear Editor:
Just read the April 3rd edition of Time and was somewhat [...]