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The Indefatigable “Strategy of the Dolphin™” Just Keeps on Giving. Its Forte: Helping the Whole Exceed the Parts

The healthy human brain is no dummy. By the time it reaches adulthood, it knows a lot about what works and what doesn’t work. Where it gets in trouble is when things that it thought worked no longer do so, at least not well enough.
When that brain was much younger and in the body of [...]

This Yo!Dolphin!™ Client Says She Has Hit a Brick Wall And Wants Answers That Cut to the Chase

From a Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey client in the U.K.: “I have trawled through some of the pages on my worldview survey and was pleased to know I am on the right track. However, I am struggling so much with my life that I desperately need more than just uplifting words. Are you in the [...]

A Report from Dolphin-Shark-Carp Waters in Australia: What Can Happen When an Organization Takes the Model to Heart…And to Lunch on Fridays!

A reader who is on the faculty at a “regional Australia university” writes to tell us about the use of Brain Technologies’ dolphin-shark-carp model of thinking systems in leadership training and other change activities. He has asked for anonymity because things are “a little political at the moment.”
I read your blog with interest and must [...]

Forgive Me, But I Need Moment to Revisit One of My Favorite Topics: Dolphin Strategy and the Pools Where Sharks Routinely Bloody the Waters

In their omnipotent beneficence, the gods of the Internet have led me to a tool for searching that I’d not known to exist before. If you aren’t aware of it either, then you may want to bookmark it. The site is It purports to index 10 million articles “not found on any other search [...]